IB Webinar: Gateway to Getting Into Private Banking & Asset Management in Hong Kong, Singapore and London

Key info you will learn:

  • Overview of Private Banking and Asset Management field - what is it ?

  • Headcount and Salary information for each major bank, Prospect and exit opportunities – Should I choose Asset Man over Private Bank? Do I have to bear too much sales stress? 

  • Secrets about selection criteria & passing the initial screening in PB and Asset Management

  • Interview Process and Tips to pass the HR interview and Assessment Center

  • The technical knowledge about PB/ Asset Man that you should know to ace interviews

How we've helped 800+ students like you to get into:

Webinar Series

[IB Webinar]: How to Step Into Investment Banking Division, Private Equity and Venture Capital as Fresh Grad/ Undergrad

This workshop is designed for Class of 2022 & Class of 2023 students who are passionate about developing a career in investment banking division (IBD), Private Equities (PE) and Venture Capital (VC).


It will provide essential tips (E.g. headcount, career planning, market players, prospects and duties) for you to direct yourself into IBD.

[IB Webinar]: Step-by-Step guide to Global Market Sales & Trading

This webinar is designed for ambitious university students who are interested to get into Global Market Sales & Trading (S&T). It will provide essential tips (E.g. headcount, career planning, market players and duties) of S&T.

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