Upcoming Training Course/ AC and Behavior Question Practice Schedule...

(Registration closes every Monday)

CV based / Behaviour Questions Training Session

We will share a list of 40 commonly asked CV based / behaviour questions to EVERY new student, basically they cover most behaviour questions that you may be asked CV based/ behaviour questions will be asked in almost EVERY hr in/ phone in/ panel in/ individual in.

Please write the script/answer keys based on the question. We will review your interview script for you throughout the program. HOWEVER, the most important  thing is that you have to register for the behaviour questions training sessions. During the training session, we will fine-tune your answer/ give you tips regarding how to answer commonly asked behaviour/CV based questions.

Receive 40 commonly asked CV based/ behaviour questions

Join CV based / Behaviour Questions Training Session

Assessment Center Practice

The AC Practice will be held in "group in format", just like most of the real AC interviews.

We will practice the following AC regularly

1. Business Case Discussion/ Analysis (most common type, basically we have practice session for this format EVERY week)

2. Role Play

3. Individual Case Presentation

4. Team Day ( usually when property developers start AC process we will practise his format as mainly property developers use team day as AC format)

Please refer to the course/practice session schedule, and then register via google form that we provided ( we will send you registration link via whatsapp) and do NOT worry if you failed to register for an AC practice as we will have AC sessions EVERY week.

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